Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions our service department receives.
For more detailed and specific explanations, please refer to the relevant section in our Homeowner’s Package.

You may report deficiencies compiled into a list to our service department. If the deficiency is urgent, please contact us by email at service@countryhomes.ca or by phone at 416-213-7191. If you require assistance during non-business hours, refer to your emergency contact list.

It is important to submit all of your service requests in writing to ensure that none of your requests are overlooked. NOTE: We recommend sending all service requests by email to ensure there is a paper trail, and to allow you to attach pictures of any concerns in the home.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. If you require assistance outside of our regular hours of operation, please email us. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate service appointments on evenings or weekends.

At least once every three to six months.

The HRV has two filters – a foam pre-filter and a rigid plastic core filter. The foam pre-filters should be cleaned/washed every six months and the rigid core filter should be cleaned/washed once a year.

For normal use, the HRV setting should be on the minimum (yellow) setting. When away for the weekend or on vacation, the HRV setting should be on the intermittent (green) setting. To exchange the air due to cooking odours or poor air quality, the HRV setting should be on the maximum (red) until the air quality is acceptable, at which point it should be switched back to minimum (yellow).

Not exactly. HRV means “Heat Recovery Ventilator” which is a machine that provides fresh air and improved climate control in your home while also saving energy by reducing heating requirements. A humidifier simply increases the humidity (moisture) in the home.

Yes. Hardwood is a natural material and therefore susceptible to changes in humidity in the home. The small gaps allow for these natural periods of expansion and contraction.

Sweep on a daily basis or as needed; never wet-mop a hardwood floor as any excessive water can cause wood to expand and possibly damage the floor. When damp mopping, remove all excess water from the mop. Check with the hardwood company if your floor has a water-based finish.

Granite is a natural material and therefore no two pieces are alike. Two pieces cut from the same slab of granite may have different markings/vein patterns.

Condensation is caused by excess humidity in the home. Lowering the humidity in your home will reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier to lower the amount of condensation.

Country Homes provides the “rough-ins” for these receptacles prior to their installation – when the central vacuum and cable/phones are installed, the companies doing the respective installation will provide the covers.

Please feel free to contact our Service Department by phone or email at service@countryhomes.ca to request touch-up paint.

Grading and sodding typically begins after the sidewalk and curbs have been completed in front of your lot, as we need the elevation of these items to complete the final grading to ensure proper drainage.

We strongly recommend waiting at least 3 to 4 days after the asphalt has been laid, possibly longer if the weather is extremely hot.

Sod should be watered heavily for the first several weeks (i.e. two hours a day in the morning or evening). This is especially important in very hot weather. NOTE: When watering, it is important the sod is sufficiently saturated.

Please refer to the Tarion website: tarion.com for the most up to date and comprehensive information

Do you have questions not addressed in our FAQ Section? Please feel free to contact us by email at service@countryhomes.ca or by phone at 416- 213-7191